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Russian language scholarship in India, is perhaps, as old as the independent Indian Republic itself. A number of Associations of Russian teachers predate INDAPRYAL. The importance of INDAPRYAL is that it brings together almost all the teachers of Russian in India under one umbrella.

The process of formation of INDAPRYAL started with the setting up of the ‘Working Group’, selected by a general body meeting of Russian teachers from the three universities in Delhi at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in September, 2003. This group set out with unprecedented zeal to transform the dream of a single, all-India association into reality. It was a Herculean task indeed! There were discussions, debates, dissents, views, and opinions as varied as the people spread all over India and engaged in the pursuit of knowledge in the realm of Russian Language, Literature and Culture (RLLCS). The Working Group was convinced that no Association would run by being only Delhi-centric, without the support  and the active participation of colleagues situated in various parts of India.

In the process of the interaction with the teachers engaged with Russian language from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we realized that each one of us was nursing an unfulfilled desire to concept with the larger fraternity of Russian language teachers. This was more so after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Indian Russian language specialist had seen it all: from the good old days of boom in Russian language studies to closures of institutions due to lack of students or/and funds. Our senior teachers have left their indelible mark in the promotion of Russian language learning and teaching. However, in this new era of a globalized world, fresh efforts and insights were the need of the times. The new century prompted us to find our new bearings, to retrace our steps, and surge ahead with all our synergies towards our collectively cherished and distinctively visualized aim of forming this Association.

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