Election Notification


Date: 06.06.2018

As there is a need to elect two members from each zone as zonal representatives, including North, East, West, South and Centre, all the members are requested to send their details in the same nomination form, available in the website www.indapryal.org. As a result, along with below given positions, there will be elections for zonal representatives too.


Vice president

General Secretary

Joint secretary


Two Zonal Representatives from the zones of North, East, West, South and Centre

All the members are informed that a copy of INDAPRYAL’s Constitution and membership forms are available in the website. Last date for membership is 15.07.2018. All the members are requested to actively participate in the Election Process and make it successful. 


With regards and best wishes

Ajoy Kumar Karnati

Election Officer

Email: indapryalelections2017@gmail.com

Mobile: 9873062921


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